2015 Aerial Photography Packages:

Packages are inclusive of photography services, equipment and deliverables, aircraft charter including pilot, fuel, airport fees and surcharges.  The GST will be added.  A Purchase Order may be required for new clients.  An invoice is delivered with the photography package (about 5 - 7 working days after the flight, rush service available).  Payment is due in 30 days.

               *** "New Client Special"  - $200 off on your first photo flight project ***

1. Regular Schedule Photo Flight Package: $900 per site

I need the exact locations of your site(s), preferably two or three days in advance.  If there are specific aspects of your projects that need special coverage, I am glad to accommodate these.

  2. Frequent Flyer Photo Flight Package:  $600 per site (based on a minimum of 4 flights/calender year) 

I cover your project from similar viewpoints each time so that you will have an excellent, consistent tool for viewing and reporting on a project’s progression.  I contact clients before each flight to discuss any special requests.   

 3. “I Need it Now!” Photo Flight Package - Calgary: $1400 

For sites outside of the Calgary region, additional travel and expense charges will be incurred . Call for price quote.

This “drop everything” photo flight is dedicated to your requirements and schedule. I require as much notice as possible to make the appropriate arrangements.  A flight can be arranged on short notice, but it will be dependent on my availability, aircraft availability, weather and air traffic control restrictions.  

 4. Aerial Video:  Call for details and quote  



Large Project/Rural Project Surcharge:  A surcharge of $300 to $900 for projects over 50 acres in size, for linear projects over 5 km long or for projects outside city limits (up to 50km).  Call for a quote for more extensive photo flights, i.e. rural areas over 50km outside city limits, highway/pipeline/transmission corridors, entire towns/cities/regions, etc., or for special requirements.


Work Flow (all packages):   I organize and edit the photos  (cropping, rotating, colour adjustment, contrast, etc.).  Each file has the photo date as part of the file name, i.e. 14-05-24-452.jpg.   

Two versions of each photo are created, a small “emailable” version (800 pixels wide, perfect for websites, reports and emails) and a high resolution version (approx. 36megapixels).  These image files are suitable for very large enlargements, advertisements, project sheets, etc.).  Photos are delivered in highest quality JPEG format.  

Some photos will be cropped and will be smaller than 36 megapixels.   

Deliverables: (For each site:) 

 -  DVD(s) with edited images (both low and high resolutions).  Typically, you will recieve 20 to 80+ images per site,  more for extensive sites or if there are special areas of interest to cover in more detail.  

- Colour printed index sheet(s) with thumbnails of each image with its file name printed below. An electronic PDF of the index sheets is also included.

- For a small fee, I will prepare a hardcopy map(s) showing the location and direction of view of each photo.

Extra Sets:  For projects that involve multiple partners, extra sets of the deliverables are available at at cost of $300 each. With this option, the cost of a photo flight can be shared between multiple partners and each partner will get a complete set of the aerials and usage rights.. 

 Refer to the Copyright Section for details on permitted usage of images.