Keith's Musings


Keith's First Journal Entry - June 11, 2010

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men ...

Always wanted to a place for a daily brain dump. Just never thought it would be a public space like this blog.  So here goes.

Starters:  What is the purpose of this blog?  I can only guess how it will evolve in the future but for now it is simply a small corner of the universe that somehow records and remembers the ideas and thoughts that endlessly sift through my consiousness.  

Why:  A daily blog is also a daily habit.  As with most habits, (brushing teeth, putting a few miles on the elliptical machine, playing tennis with my daughter), it takes discipline to get started.  Inevitably, habits become easier to start as time goes by ... they become a part of one's daily routine.  The other thing about most (good) habits is that they created a feeling of a "job well done", even for the most mundane tasks.

Framework:  At least for now, I will try to focus on topics and ideas that are somewhat related to photography, art, being a photographer/artist, latest projects, etc.

Feedback:  Although I appreciate feedback from folks that see the universe in a similar way, my primary goal is to get stimulating feedback from folks who see things from a completely different headspace than mine.   My only criteria is that feedback is constructive, not petty or destructive.

Inspirations:  For many years, I have been recieving artist Robert Genn's "Twice-a-week" letter.  This one page "brain dumps" from Robert are always a treat to read.  They are always thought provoking, controversial and often humourous.  Check him out and consider recieving his twice a week letter (free) ... always a treat for me.