Image Copyright: My goal is to have as simple and non-restrictive copyright policy as possible. Basically my clients may use the supplied image files in almost any way that they choose for their organization, other than re-selling (without permission) the image file or any derivation of the image, or giving away the high resolution files to outside individuals or companies.

The copyright of all images remains with Peak Experience Imagery.  Transfer of image copyright or for permission for usages restricted by this agreement is negotiable.

Acceptance of the images is an acknowledgement and acceptance of the copyright terms defined in this document.

Usage Rights:  All images supplied include no-resale usage rights.  You may use the images or a derivation of them for unlimited production of promotional calendars, posters, reports, websites, trade show graphics, photographic reproductions for office décor, vehicle signage, corporate gifts and awards, etc. for your company purposes only.

The images or a derivation of them may not be sold in any form without a written agreement.

High Resolution Images:  You may not post the high resolution image files on a website where they could be down loaded.  You may not give away the high resolution image files to organizations or individuals outside of your company. An extra set of the deliverables for a different person or company  can be supplied at a cost of $300.  The same copyright agreement is valid for that additional set.

The high resolution image files may be supplied to magazines and other publishers for use in articles about your project/company or for use in your company advertisements only.

For magazines and trade publications, please add this photo credit:
            “Photo by Keith Walker, Peak Experience Imagery"

Low Resolution Images:  The low resolution image files may be emailed to others.  They may be inserted into documents, reports, newsletters and websites an unlimited number of times.  They may be printed.  They may be copied any number of times and distributed freely.  They may not be resold.

Partnerships: Think you have a brilliant commercial idea of using my images, or some other idea to explore?  Just contact me and I would love to brainstorm and discuss potential options. You will find that I am open to most win-win situations.